Christophe Pelletier, MSc., President, Business Management Programs & The Food Futurist, founded The Happy Future Group Consulting in December 2002. His original objective was to offer his extensive international and multicultural management experience to companies and help them deliver superior performance. In his career, he has set up many teams which have all outperformed their peers and their competitors. His management philosophy is simple: “Hire the best people, give them clear and simple instructions, trust them and empower them to act as entrepreneurs by delegating, be present and intervene when necessary, let them know how they are doing and create an atmosphere of fun and ownership! This creates enthusiasm that results in employees taking pride of their work, being fulfilled and eager to deliver more than the expectations. When people know what they have to do and get the tools to achieve the goals, the numbers come naturally.”

Further, he developed a number of programs for individuals that aim at increasing personal fulfillment and happiness, by helping participants to shape their lives around their own values and by acquiring the mindset and self-discipline needed to achieve these goals.In the course of 2009, he introduced educational programs about finance basics to help individuals manage their financial situation and avoid money troubles.

He also launched “The Food Futurist” which helps envisioning the future of agriculture and food production, and offers services to businesses,  government agencies and non-profit organizations involved in the field of food production.


Sheryl Hunter, B. Comm.

Sheryl Hunter, B. Comm., Personal Programs & Publications has been working in the financial services industry in Canada for over twenty years.  She has been successful in banking, insurance, mutual funds, and securities, both as a salesperson and as a supervisor. From credit cards, to mortgages, to investments, she has seen many financial mistakes in her career and she wants you to keep you from doing the same. Her goal is to provide objective, accurate information in plain language to guide you to a strong financial foundation. She has completed many industry-related courses, including insurance, financial planning, securities, and regulatory supervision. She is currently a Senior Compliance Officer at a securities firm. Sheryl is available for talks, workshops and seminars on a variety of financial topics.

Disclaimer:  Sheryl is not registered to give personal advice. Always do further research and seek the advice of a registered professional regarding your specific situation.


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